Spotify’s New Library Helps With Podcast Discovery

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We all like our Spotify cards because we get to pay less for this service and you get an amazing range of value and quality. That being said, Spotify has recently turned its focus to podcasts.

Spotify’s new library update is rolling out and now you’ll have the podcast section right next to your music. As a result, it will be much easier to find and listen to podcasts. Podcasts is a service that a lot of people have on Spotify, but don’t really use as much. So Spotify is trying to change that.

The new library design is currently in testing in the US

One thing to keep in mind is that this new design is still being tested, so while it’s rolling out, only select users have access to it. The feature allows you to check episodes, download podcasts, listen to them on the go, and browse shows.Spotify Podcast Discovery Thumbnail

This new layout encourages customers to listen to podcasts, as well as their own music. But you won’t have to worry about podcasts taking over your experience, you can still stick to your music and not visit podcasts, if that’s not your thing. However, since a lot more people are listening to podcasts on Spotify, they wanted to make things easier for them.

Spotify is betting heavily on the podcast game

Apparently, Spotify is spending around $500 million this year solely on Podcasts. It acquired Gimlet Media which is widely known in the podcast industry and they are working with Luminary and Apple to become the main place for podcast listening.

This should enhance podcast discoverability and make it easier to support your favorite podcast creators. Plus, the more people that can access podcasts, the better it is for everyone.

Spotify wants to simplify the way people access podcasts on their platform. They want to make their process as simple and convenient as possible. Doing this can potentially bring some problems, but with the right approach it’ll make it much more efficient. Sure there are bound to be some challenges, but Spotify is definitely testing everything thoroughly to ensure that their new interface and feature will be pristine for its customers. And for all you Hulu lovers out there, Spotify Premium now includes Hulu at no extra cost!

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