Spotify Premium Now Includes Hulu For No Extra Cost

Spotify Premium Includes Hulu for Free

Spotify is one of the major music streaming platforms, so it makes a lot of sense to use it if you love music. And you can also use Spotify gift cards in order to load up your account and purchase Premium for as much time as you want. The best thing right now is that Spotify Premium also comes with Hulu for free! And in case you happen to be debating whether or not to start using Spotify because you’re currently an Apple music user, you can check out and read our blog Spotify vs. Apple Music.

Why did this happen?

Spotify wanted to make its deal a bit more appealing, so they chose to work with Hulu in order to provide possibly one of the best entertainment packages on the market that you can find right now. What makes this package so great is the fact that Hulu already lowered its price for the ad-supported option, which is $5.99 at this time. For around $9.99 per month you can go with the Spotify Premium option and you can also have Hulu for free. 

Are there restrictions?Spotify Thumbnail

Any user can access this feature, no matter if you are new to Spotify Premium, or not. The only restriction is that you will only be able to access this feature in the US. If you are already a Hulu subscriber and you want to use this Spotify Premium deal, then you have to unsubscribe to Hulu, wait until the subscription is over, and then set it up via Spotify in order for you to get the discount.

Spotify has a $4.99 per month student plan with Hulu and Showtime. This current Spotify Premium does include Hulu, but it doesn’t include Showtime. It also restricts you from adding extras that you would normally be able to add, such as Showtime and HBO. 

Unfortunately, if you have a family plan, you won’t be able to use this Spotify Premium and Hulu deal. This only works for single Spotify Premium users in the US. It’s a bit of a bummer, but we can see why this wouldn’t make a lot of sense for Spotify and Hulu. If you happen to not qualify for this Spotify deal, make sure to use your Hulu gift cards to watch movies and shows on Hulu.

How long will this last?

The Spotify Premium and Hulu deal is not going to last forever. It’s actually a limited-time offer and it will only be available until June 10 this year so if you’re looking to make the most out of it, then make sure you purchase it before then. Apparently this deal was also advertised as “while supplies last,” which is a bit strange considering that this is a fully digital deal. However, there might be a limited number of accounts which can use this, which means you may need to hurry even more to purchase this deal.

Having Hulu (even the ad-supported version) free of charge makes Spotify Premium well worth it. This is a great way for people that use Spotify to use Hulu free of charge. It’s not entirely known if you’ll be able to use Hulu forever, or if it will stop working after a certain period of time. But either way, having it free of charge even for a few months is really great news!

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