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For the third weekend in June, we are featuring Engels Flores from Nicaragua! We sent over some questions to and wanted to know a bit about what he loves most about PlayStation gaming,

How old are you, and where are you located?

I´m 27 years Old, From Nicaragua.

What is your PSN Gamer tag?

My G tag is Rirume

What was your first video game? Tell us your favorite story about it.

My first one, was the legendary Super Mario Bros, that time my family was very old fashioned and they thought that I was losing my brain playing video games so they did not allow me to have a console in my house, every day though I said that I was going to play or study with a friend on my neighborhood, we spend lots of afternoons just playing on his NES.

What games are you currently playing?

Detroit Become Human on my PS4 and Recently I bought my Nintendo Switch with Zelda BotW!

How much time do you currently spend gaming?

Maybe like 10 to 20hrs week, it depends on my job!

How long have you been gaming?

Almost all my life I think I started when I had 7 years old.

Have you ever entered any gaming competitions?

Yeah, local competitions of Super smash bros and Mario Kart, just for fun because I never won jeje.

What in your opinion makes for a good video game? 

I love video game who has a deep narrative content and also a fun gameplay, some of my recent favorites are Nier Automata and Undertale.

What are your thoughts on console Gaming vs. PC gaming vs. Mobile gaming? Do you have a favorite?

Always been a Console gamer, I know there is a lot of stuff I missed on PC but I´m very happy with my console games you can´t play everything in this short life… But I´m slowly going to the Darkside of the mobile gaming industry.

What feature would you like to see added to the PlayStation or PlayStation Network?

To accept Nicaraguan customer accounts! I have lots of promotional codes that can´t use in my country.

Why do you used MyGiftCardSupply to purchase your PSN gift cards?

It’s a great site for those outside of the USA to purchase digital codes, In my country, PSN does not accept a credit card from my bank so If you guys do not exist possibly I would never buy anything on the PSN!

What other things interest you, besides gaming?

Love graphic design, love video making (I also have a youtube channel), love eating sweets and burgers and of course spend time with my loved ones

If you want to know more about Adnan Najjaoui you can follow him on his social media accounts:


Thank you Engels for participating in MyGiftCardSupply’s PSN Gamer of the Week! 

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