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Top 5 Movies in the US This week!

1.) American Sniper

U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) takes his sole mission — protect his comrades — to heart and becomes one of the most lethal snipers in American history. His pinpoint accuracy not only saves countless lives but also makes him a prime target of insurgents. Despite grave danger and his struggle to be a good husband and father to his family back in the States, Kyle serves four tours of duty in Iraq. However, when he finally returns home, he finds that he cannot leave the war behind.

Release Date: January 16, 2015
Rated: R
Buy: $14.99 USD Rent: $4.99 USD
iTunes link: Kingsman: The Secret Service

2.) Kingsman: The Secret Service

Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton), whose late father secretly worked for a spy organization, lives in a South London housing estate and seems headed for a life behind bars. However, dapper agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth) recognizes potential in the youth and recruits him to be a trainee in the secret service. Meanwhile, villainous Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) launches a diabolical plan to solve the problem of climate change via a worldwide killing spree.

Release Date: February 13, 2015
Rated: R
Price: $14.99 USD
iTunes link: Kingsman: The Secret Service

3.) Whiplash

Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller) is an ambitious young jazz drummer, in pursuit of rising to the top of his elite music conservatory. Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons), an instructor known for his terrifying teaching methods, discovers Andrew and transfers the aspiring drummer into the top jazz ensemble, forever changing the young man’s life. But Andrew’s passion to achieve perfection quickly spirals into obsession, as his ruthless teacher pushes him to the brink of his ability and his sanity.

Release Date: October 10, 2014
Rated: R
Buy: $9.99 USD Rent: $0.99 USD
iTunes link: Whiplash on US iTunes

4.) Fifty Shades of Grey

When college senior Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) steps in for her sick roommate to interview prominent businessman Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) for their campus paper, little does she realize the path her life will take. Christian, as enigmatic as he is rich and powerful, finds himself strangely drawn to Ana, and she to him. Though sexually inexperienced, Ana plunges headlong into an affair — and learns that Christian’s true sexual proclivities push the boundaries of pain and pleasure.

Release Date: February 13, 2015
Rated: R
Buy: $14.99 USD Rent: $5.99 USD
iTunes link: Fifty Shades of Grey on US iTunes

5.) The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

When college senior Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) steps in for her sick roommate to interview prominent businessman Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) for their campus paper, little does she realize the path her life will take. Christian, as enigmatic as he is rich and powerful, finds himself strangely drawn to Ana, and she to him. Though sexually inexperienced, Ana plunges headlong into an affair — and learns that Christian’s true sexual proclivities push the boundaries of pain and pleasure.

Release Date: February 6, 2015
Rated: PG
Buy: $19.99 USD
iTunes link: Spongebob Movie on US iTunes

If you are outside of the United States, and want access to these great movies, visit our US iTunes Gift Card store to purchase iTunes gift cards with email delivery!

Notable changes in iOS 8.3

Apple released an update to it’s iOS software this week with version 8.3.

Here are a few of the notable changes you should look out for or notice.

1. New Emojis!

My favorite part of messaging is using emoji’s, and this new update comes with different skin colors, more flags, as well as added icons and devices such as iPhones and the Apple Watch 🙂

2. New Keyboard Layout

I was always having troubles with the space bar in 8.2. With iOS 8.3, there is a much larger space bar, which should help people who have fat fingers 🙂

3. The way applications handle upgrades and purchasing 

This was never an issue for me, but if you have kids, or multiple people using your device, this new feature could come in handy. Apple now makes it possible to prompt for authorization for upgrades or additional purchases.

4. Various bug fixes and performance upgrades

Apple also did a TON of fixed and upgrades to performance, across Messages, Safari, Mail, Settings and others. There is far too many to list here, but overall you will notice 8.3 runs a lot smoother, connects to your WiFi a lot faster, and crashes much less.

Thank you Apple for this amazing update!

Apple increasing prices for international iTunes apps

Announced this week, by Apple’s “App Store team”, the company is increasing its prices in the App store in Japan due to changes in foreign exchange rates.

The note does say active subscriptions won’t be affected by the price change, but when the subscription renews, it will be charged at the newly increased rate.

This is not the first time app prices have gone up due to an increase in foreign exchange rates. Russia’s prices went up late in 2014, and just a couple months ago in January 2015 prices in Canada and EU went up as well.

Of course, you can easily avoid these increases by purchasing US iTunes gift cards, where the price always remain the same, and also the lowest, of anywhere else in the world.

We will keep you updated as more announcements are made by the Apple team.

HBO Now coming to iTunes in April!

On March 9, 2015, Apple announced a new premium subscription service available to customers with Apple TV… “HBO Now”.

With a starting price of $14.99 USD, There is no cable subscription needed, and will give you access to ALL of HBO’s programming, new and old!

If you want to access HBO Now on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to download the HBO app, which is available exclusively in the United States iTunes App Store.

The service is expected to launch in April of 2015, just in time for the fifth season of Game of Thrones.

Addition to TV shows, subscribers to HBO now will have an extensive library of Hollywood hit movies, sports, comedy, music specials, and documentaries.

You can subscribe to the service directly from your iPhone, iPod or iPad device using the HBO NOW app, or directly on your Apple TV for instant access! Addition to all your Apple devices, you can also watch on your computer directly from
HBO will offer a free 30-day trial to those customers who sign up through Apple in April.

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We get a lot of people asking if we are currently running an sales or discounts, so I wanted to write a blog article to tell you how to stay in the loop of any sales we are running, as well as how to buy gift cards cheaper no matter what day it is, and if we’re running a sale or not!

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Top 10 Movies in the US iTunes Store for March

I wanted to keep you updated on all the top movies in the US iTunes store, and give you some quick access links to trailers, reviews, quotes, and download links.


Earning a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Boyhood is an epic drama that follows the life of a boy and his family for twelve years, played by the same cast throughout. The sometimes heart-wrenching story is seen through the eyes of a child growing into a man who faces trials and tribulations common to many families.



The talented comedian Melissa McCarthy stars in this goofy and physical comedy as a down-and-out burger-flipper that is having a bad day. After losing her job and finding her husband cheating on her, Tammy decides to hit the road with Grandma. Not exactly the escape she’d envisioned, and not exactly the entertainment audiences envisioned as it earned a Rotten Tomato score of only 23%.


Scoring a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, Whiplash is the story of a promising jazz drummer trying to rise to the top. Andrew Neyman is constantly reminded of his father’s failure as a writer and will do anything it takes to succeed. When he gets transferred to Terrence Fletcher’s band he will discover that he’s pushing himself beyond his physical and mental limits.

Gone Girl

Based on the book by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl is an ever unfolding story of two people in a modern marriage. When characters Nick and Amy are celebrating their fifth anniversary Nick reports his wife missing. Errors, shady behavior, and unveiled lies eventually leave the audience asking, “Did he do it?” 88% of people on Rotten Tomatoes enjoyed finding out.

John Wick

Starring Keanu Reeves, this action thriller about a vengeful ex-hitman earned a Rotten Tomato score of 83%. Throughout the movie Reeves tracks down gangsters who ruined his life on the streets of New York City, a familiar story with a fresh take.

A Walk Among the Tombstones

The movie is based on Lawrence Block’s best selling series. Liam Neeson plays an ex-NYPD cop who is back in the game as an unlicensed private detective. Now dealing with more violent crimes, Neeson finds himself helping a heroin trafficker find the men who murdered his wife. This Neeson classic earned a Rotten Tomatoes score of 65%.

The Messenger

Rated 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, this 2009 hit tells the story of a veteran from the Iraq War getting discharged after near death and coping with civilian life. After finding that his girlfriend has moved on and he has no place to go, Will Montgomery finds a home in the Casualty Notification Office where he forms a stronger bond than he’s ever known.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

The first half of the third installment of the Hunger Games series continues with Mockingjay, which earned a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 65%. Audiences follow Katniss as she strikes out with her rebel group to save her nation from the tyranny of President Snow and save a visibly deteriorating Peeta.

The Judge

Rated 47% on Rotten Tomatoes, The Judge is a dramatic mystery starring Robert Downey Jr. who plays lawyer Hank Palmer. Palmer is lured back to his childhood home to clear his father’s name of a local murder and reconnect with his family along the way.

Dracula Untold

A new spin on an old story, Dracula Untold covers the origins of how Dracula came to be. This epic fantasy drama is full of action, intriguing narrative, and brings audiences full circle to the Dracula we are familiar with, earning a Rotten Tomato scores of only 23%.

How to Shop the US Apple iTunes from anywhere in the World

In this article we are going to show you how you can easily watch the latest season of “Big Bang Theory” before it is out on TV in Austria or the newest Lady Gaga album before it’s released at your local store. Not only are we going to show you how to access this content early, we are going to show you how to do it at a discounted price! It’s this simple: buy your content from the US Apple iTunes store.

When you’re outside the United States and you are a TV junkie, then you will need a lot of patience waiting for new TV shows to come out. Typically seasons of “Big Bang Theory”, “Breaking Bad”, “2 Broke Girls” takes months to propagate to your native country.

The US iTunes Store is here to save you. Not only do you have the fastest access to TV shows, movies, and music, you also have newspapers and magazines such as “Fortune”, “Billboard”, and “Vanity Fair”. This also includes books that are never released outside of the US through traditional distribution channels.


Apple has created a separate store for each country, and once you create an account, you are locked to that country’s store. Therefore, Australians can only shop in the Australian store, and Germans can only shop in the German store.

Apple typically determines which countries store you are going to belong to based on your address as well as payment method. If you buy iTunes credit with a german credit card, you are going to need to use those funds in the German iTunes store.


There is a fairly way to get access to US content from anywhere in the world, without having to open a bank account in the United States. Around the world, you can find US iTunes gift cards in your local markets and also available online.

How to Shop in the US iTunes store from anywhere in the world


Once you open iTunes, and logout of your current account. Then, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and locate your country’s respective flag. Click this flag, and you will be presented a screen that shows all the countries that have a US iTunes store.



Welcome to the US iTunes Store! Now you will need an account. For this, enter in the “App Store” which can be found on the top menu. Browse to any app, which can even be a free app. You locate the free apps when it says “GET”.


Now you need to open your account, by clicking the “Create Apple ID” button. Next, click “To begin creating your Apple ID, click Continue”. Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking “Agree”.


When you’re setting this account, you will want to use a .com email domain.. try to avoid your local countries TLD such as .de for Germany or .it for Italy.


This is where you will need to tell the system you are located in the United States. There isn’t much verification here, so you can pretty much use any address within the United States. As long as it the city, state and zip code match, it will be accepted into the system.

Depending on which state you chose, there is a different “sales tax” that will be added to your purchases. For this reason, you want to use one of the states that does not have a sales tax. We recommend choosing an address in Delaware, which is area code 302.

To help you with this, you can use Google Maps or to find an address of a hotel or a post office. Do not worry about the location because Apple will never call or send any mail to this address.


Under payment type at the very end you will see the option for None

When you click that it gives you the option “To redeem a code of gift certificate” which is where you will put the 16 digit iTunes gift card from MyGiftCardSupply

Now you can complete your account creation.


Now you can enjoy the US iTunes store fully, without any interruption.

Shopping on the iPhone or iPad

You can just as easily login to your US iTunes account from your iPhone, iPod or iPad and continue your shopping. Don’t worry about losing any content, you can freely log out of your US account, and back into your primary one, and all your music and apps will remain. Apple allows you you have up to five Apple ID’s per device.

Thanks for reading!

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