Notable changes in iOS 8.3

Apple released an update to it’s iOS software this week with version 8.3.

Here are a few of the notable changes you should look out for or notice.

1. New Emojis!

My favorite part of messaging is using emoji’s, and this new update comes with different skin colors, more flags, as well as added icons and devices such as iPhones and the Apple Watch 🙂

2. New Keyboard Layout

I was always having troubles with the space bar in 8.2. With iOS 8.3, there is a much larger space bar, which should help people who have fat fingers 🙂

3. The way applications handle upgrades and purchasing 

This was never an issue for me, but if you have kids, or multiple people using your device, this new feature could come in handy. Apple now makes it possible to prompt for authorization for upgrades or additional purchases.

4. Various bug fixes and performance upgrades

Apple also did a TON of fixed and upgrades to performance, across Messages, Safari, Mail, Settings and others. There is far too many to list here, but overall you will notice 8.3 runs a lot smoother, connects to your WiFi a lot faster, and crashes much less.

Thank you Apple for this amazing update!

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