Netflix is Testing a “Shuffle” Option for TV Shows

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Netflix is always testing new ways to offer customers a great experience. And right now they are testing out a feature called random episode. Let’s face it, there is always plenty to enjoy on Netflix. The problem for a lot of people is that there are too many TV shows and movies, and they end up spending way too much time trying to choose what they want to watch. Netflix wants to solve that and they have created a new feature that’s similar to the “shuffle” option for listening to music.

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The idea is that you’ll have a button that where you can choose to see a random episode for a given TV show. That way all you have to do is pick the show you want to watch. This can also help you see if a particular show is one that you want to devote lots of time to watching. Not all shows will work for you every time, and sometimes it’s laborious to find the episode you want to watch once you’ve found the show that interests you. So having this type of feature can help a lot, and it can deliver a much more convenient and rewarding experience for its viewers.

Plus, if you just want to rewatch content you’ll get to see some of the most popular episodes when you use this feature. This could be something great to use when you want to watch shows like Friends or Seinfeld. You can also check out some of the latest shows on Netflix to help you find some good shows to watch. And you can also choose to ignore the feature, so you can use it as you please.

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And in the end this has the power to make Netflix’s platform even better and more versatile for its customers. Not all Android devices are supporting this for now, and there’s not much word for iOS. But since it’s a feature in testing and a work in progress, we can expect it to roll out soon. I definitely think this is going to be a big hit. And getting Netflix gift cards is always a good idea if you want to make sure that you get to enjoy the latest shows and features.

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