Hulu Cuts Basic Monthly Subscription

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Hulu Cuts Monthly Subscription

Right after Netflix announced its price increase of $2, Hulu announced that they are coming out with a revised pricing structure of their own. They are slashing their prices, at least for their base service. Now you get to pay $5.99 per month for their basic subscription instead of $7.99, and you receive immediate access to thousands of movies as well as about 85,000 television episodes. This is a great opportunity for people who want to be up to date with several TV series and movies, while only dealing with a few ads.

The ad-free plan price remains the same

If you want to go fully ad-free, you will still have to pay the regular $11.99 price. Thankfully Hulu Gift Cards still work to make this purchase, so you can easily get them and cover the expense that way. But if you don’t have a gift card, you have to stick to the current price, at least for the foreseeable future.

Hulu+ Live TV gets more expensive

Unlike the regular service that sees a decrease in costs, Hulu’s live TV subscription sees a substantial increase. Currently, you have to pay about $39.99 per month for live TV. Soon you will have to pay $44.99. Considering the fact that you have access to only 60 live channels, the price can seem a bit too high for people. But since the subscription includes access to shows as well, this can help compensate for the cost. 

When will the new price changes go into effect?Woman watching TV

The new Hulu pricing is set to be valid starting February 26 for new subscribers. However, if you are already a subscriber, you will be charged the new price upon your billing date, whatever that may be. If you happen to live outside the United states, and would like to become a Hulu subscriber, this blog is all about how to sign up for Hulu outside the US, and it’s definitely worth reading.

Why did these changes arrive out of nowhere?

As you might already know, Netflix has recently made some changes to its overall pricing. They increased the price for all subscription tiers, so Hulu wanted to come up with a more competitive approach. This is especially true for new subscribers or people that would like the simplest subscription with ads.

At this time Hulu is owned by AT&T, Comcast, 21st Century Fox, and Disney. However, Disney is most likely to acquire the majority of Hulu once it finalizes its Fox purchase a bit later this year. Bob Iger from Disney has already stated that they want to acquire the rest of Hulu. But we don’t know if they want to improve the platform or just send most of its content to Disney+, their new live streaming service.

Right now Hulu has 25 million subscribers, 48% more than last year. Considering their recent price decrease for the lowest tier, it’s safe to say that more people will be willing to at least check out this subscription. It’s great to see that both Netflix and Hulu are coming up with a unique price structure. Whether that favors the customer or not, it all comes down to you and what you expect. One thing is certain, the streaming world is changing, and customers get to benefit from that!

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