How iTunes Online Delivery Allows You to Access the American iTunes Store

Access US iTunes store with these easy steps.

Although many of the apps, music, movies and other files that you can find in iTunes are available in many countries, there are plenty of these which may be available only in the US iTunes store. Plus, many new releases are only made available to the American market.

But how do you access the US iTunes Store if you reside outside of America? Take note that the iTunes store does not accept international credit cards and PayPal as modes of payments. If you have a relative or friend in the US, you may ask them for a favor; otherwise, you have to look for other ways.

Changing the country that is used for your current account alone will also do you no good. You can create a new account and all the files downloaded on your Apple devices will remain, but to make a purchase, you will need a mode of payment that is acceptable for the US iTunes market.

Creating an account and adding an acceptable method of payment.

First, go to the iTunes Store. If you are logged in, sign out of that account. After that, choose United States as country or region.

At this point, you do not need to create a new account — not yet. Also, avoid entering a US credit card. Instead, go to the App Store and choose a free app. Once you reach the app’s page, click on the “Free” button to begin the download.

You will then be asked to log in or sign up. This is when you will need to create a new account. Now, on the Payment Type, choose “None.” Next, you will need to input a US billing address. For this, you may want to use online services that can provide you with a US address.

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Buying content for the first time on the US Store

If you are only downloading free apps, you’re good to go. But what if you want to make a purchase? For this, your best option would be an iTunes gift card. Take note that you can’t buy directly from iTunes with your other account. You will need to buy cards from a reputable third party seller and receive the details via iTunes online delivery.

After the code in your gift card has been delivered through email, you can redeem it on iTunes using the “Redeem” link. And as long as you have enough credits, iTunes will not ask you to use another mode of payment.

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