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Not all iTunes stores are created the same

Not all iTunes stores are created equal.

When it comes to the quality and availability of content, the US iTunes store is nearly incomparable. What exactly make the US iTunes store different from the other stores?

The US iTunes store boasts of the largest collection of TV shows, movies, apps, music, podcasts and iBooks. The US iTunes store often gets first dibs on the latest content. In some cases, this content may be made available to other iTunes stores in other countries, but usually at a later time, if at all.

Some TV shows, movies, apps and other content are available exclusively in the US iTunes store and you cannot purchase and download these if you do not have a US store account.

Aside from gaining access to exclusive content, another key advantage of opening a US iTunes store account is the price.

Unknown to many consumers, products made available in the US iTunes store are substantially cheaper compared to the same content available in the iTunes stores of other countries. In short, you end up paying more for the same content.

HD versions of TV shows and movies are available in the US iTunes store, many of which are not available to residents outside of the United States. If you do find these in your country’s iTunes store, you will immediately notice a marked difference in quality. Perhaps the translation is not on point or the sound quality is poor. The shows and movies available on the US iTunes store are made available in their original form with very few modifications that undermine their quality.

Unlock the Potential

How do you access the content available in the US iTunes market if you live outside the United States? With apps and iBooks, some are available for free which you can download instantly simply by tweaking the settings of your account. But if you would like to buy content from the store, you will need two things: a US address and an acceptable payment platform.

For the US address, you can either use your friend’s or relative’s address, if you have one living in the United States. Alternatively, you can use online tools that can provide you with a US address.

As for the payment method, you need to be aware that the US iTunes store does not accept PayPal and international credit cards. How do you overcome this hurdle? Purchase an iTunes gift card from a reputable third party. After your purchase, you will receive the codes for your iTunes gift card via email and you can then use these to purchase the content you wish to buy from the American iTunes store.

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