Gaming Customer of the Week – Ramonette

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This week, we are featuring Ramonette from the Carribean! We sent her some questions to learn a bit about what she loves most about gaming, and how she’s using our Xbox and PSN cards.

How old are you, and where are you located? 

I’m in my 30’s and live in the Caribbean.

Tell us something special or unique about where you live, or why you like it? 

I live on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic. It’s a close knit community and full of culture. It’s unique living here.

What kind of system/console are you gaming on? (Generation, Tech specs, etc) 

Xbox One and PS4 (Make sure to take a look at the 10 best games to play on PS4 now!)

What is your gamer tag? 


How long have you been gaming? 

20 years

What was your first video game? Tell us your favorite story about it. Xbox Thumbnail

Super Mario. Playing with my good friend who I am still best friends with now.

What games do you currently play? 

NBA, Jurassic World Evolution and Red Dead Redemption.

How much time do you currently spend gaming? 

20 hours a week, if I’m lucky.

Have you entered any gaming competitions? If so, which ones? 


What in your opinion makes for a good video game? 

The story and purpose behind a mission.

What are your thoughts on Console gaming vs. PC gaming vs. Mobile gaming? Do you have a favorite? 

I find them all equally interesting as they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. My favorite however, would be console games.

What feature would you like to see added to the current gaming environment? 

More VR games.

Why do you use MyGiftCardSupply to purchase gift cards? 

It is difficult to purchase gift cards where I live, and once I found MyGiftCardSupply and how reliable and efficient it is, I’ve been happy to use it ever since.


Thank you Ramonette for participating in MyGiftCardSupply’s Gamer Customer of the Week! 

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