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Coming to Netflix in October 2019

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It’s a good idea to get your Netflix cards as quickly as possible as there’s a lot of stuff coming to the platform in October. Disney Plus and other competitors are lining up to launch soon, so you can imagine that Netflix is trying hard to bring in as much content as they can. And […]

Netflix will Launch a Mobile – Only Streaming Plan

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We’re all preparing to buy our Netflix cards so we can enjoy what Netflix has to offer. But recently it seems that Netflix has been losing customers, mostly due to its price increase. So they’re experimenting with some new ideas to see how they can retain and gain new customers. Which is why it might […]

Netflix is Testing a “Shuffle” Option for TV Shows

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Great customer experience Netflix is always testing new ways to offer customers a great experience. And right now they are testing out a feature called random episode. Let’s face it, there is always plenty to enjoy on Netflix. The problem for a lot of people is that there are too many TV shows and movies, […]

What’s New on Netflix March 2019?

What's New of Netflix March 2019

It’s time to prepare those Netflix gift cards because there’s some really great content coming out this month. If you’re passionate about movies, Netflix has all the content you want, and you’ll definitely want to check it out. If you have questions about which VPN to use, check out the best VPN to use to […]

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