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How to create a US Hulu account with an iTunes Card

  A lot of our customers are enjoying the multitude of benefits from using a US iTunes gift card from outside the United States. The secret is out that a US iTunes card is a great way to save money, and get quick, convenient access to music, movies, apps and more. But a lot of people are making life harder than it needs to be. For instance, a lot of our customers are shopping US iTunes gift cards, as well as US Hulu gift cards, when they could easily kill two birds with one stone! Enabling a Hulu account using a US iTunes gift card is extremely easy, and can be done literally in just a couple minutes! Watch this video for a quick summary on how it can be done.
As you can see from the video, the entire process (with the exception of signing up for a VPN service and downloading the Hulu app) could be done in literally two minutes. This also allows you to use your extra iTunes balance on other fun things like music, apps, and newly released movies. With a US Hulu account, you can access all your favorite TV shows and movies on all your favorite devices including your phone, tablet, Apple TV and just about anything else you can imagine. And with a frequently updated catalog of entertainment, you will never be bored. Hulu has made things more interesting with Hulu Live TV this year. Now you can watch more than 50 live channels, which include ESPN, Bravo, Disney, A&E and many many more. We love using this feature to keep up to date on all the latest sporting events and live news events, instead of waiting for highlights to be uploaded to news blogs or YouTube. Now, of course there is nothing wrong with doing this with a Hulu gift card, but we think it’s much easier to use a US iTunes card.

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  The most convenient way to buy a US iTunes Gift Card online! All iTunes cards are delivered quickly via e-mail to anywhere in the world. We have staff working at all hours to make sure your order gets processed quickly!

Spotify vs Apple Music: The winner is finally here!

We compared Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions: here’s the winner!

Streaming music is fast, convenient and it gives access to tons of cool content. But the reality is that there is much good music streaming services. Apple Music and Spotify are extremely good at this, and they are basically at the top of their game right now. Which does bring in the question, what application is better than others in this regard? Subscriptions Apple Music doesn’t have a free version of the app. They do have a 3-month trial in the beginning, but then you have to pay for the service each month, which can be paid with an US iTunes gift card. On the other hand, Spotify has a free version that is supported by ads. It has limitations, but at least you can listen to some content without paying. Both platforms have a student plan for $3.99, an individual plan for $9.99 and a family plan at $14.99. Pricing is exactly the same, but Spotify has the upper hand since it allows you to use the free version of the app for a year or more before you subscribe. subscription price comparation Selecting the music genres you are interested in Apple Music does a good job at letting you choose the type of music you listen to the most. Spotify doesn’t have a feature like this, but then again they learn more about your music listening habits as time goes by. You can like a song, which shows the type of content you enjoy the most. Recommendation system Closely related to that is the recommendation system. Apple Music has pretty good recommendations, but Spotify has a much better system here. They pick around 30 songs each Monday, and these are similar to what you listened to in the past. They also have a discovery page that helps you find similar stuff to the things you listened to recently. The additional Daily Mix complication and genre mixes make it easier for you to get the content you want, and that can be a huge thing in the end. Good interface Spotify and Apple Music have a great interface and the best part is that the interface serves as a hub for concerts, new music, playlists, videos and you can also see charts too. The interfaces for both these apps are so well done that you will have no problem enjoying the entire experience and having fun with it. Apple Music has a much simpler interface, which may be better for some people that just don’t need a lot of clutter and unwanted stuff. Discover Weekly This is a feature you can find only in Spotify. It appears every Monday and it allows you to find some new cool stuff based on your listening history. The best part is that you can always find great things here and you can even find a release radar that’s a playlist updated with the newly released music. That alone goes to show that finding and listening to new music is a whole lot easier. Artist page The artist page is easier to navigate and use in Apple Music. Spotify’s pages are ok, but they could be a bit better because you never know when an album starts or ends if you don’t look at it. Apple Music offers all that information and it makes the process simpler for you! artist page apple musicAudio quality options We found that the Spotify audio quality options are better. You have an easy to locate EQ and you also have premade EQ options for a variety of situations too. That’s definitely a great experience to be had. And the platform even lets you choose what type of quality you want to have while downloading or streaming music. Although for the best quality you need a premium account. Apple Music only gives you the higher quality, which means that it can be a bit problematic if you’re on your data plan. Radio The Apple Music radio is a lot easier to access and manage. Accessing a US Spotify account has so many features and a cluttered interface that many times you just end up ignoring the radio. The quality is great for both platforms, so in the end, it’s up to you to make the right pick based on what you like and need. Podcasts Apple Music doesn’t have podcasts, it has a separate app for that. But Spotify has built-in podcast support, so you should totally try and check it out at the very least. Video Both of them have video sections, but in the end, you will notice that it’s just a lot easier to stream and listen to music and not watch videos. Both of them have growing video sections though in case you need it. Social aspect Thanks to Spotify you can see what every person in your social list is playing. You can easily find some new bands this way and the recommendation system they offer is more efficient in that regard. Of course, you can also turn it off or not connect to social media at all, they don’t make you do so! Moving album arts or animations Spotify clearly has all of this, even if Apple Music may implement it later. These are not exactly very impressive, but it’s still something that exists and offers a nice allure and approach for the customer. Upcoming concerts Spotify also shows upcoming concerts based on where you live. If you like a band and you want to see when they have new concerts, this may work very well for you! Exclusives Apple Music does have exclusives from time to time. Spotify doesn’t really focus on that, but in the end, you still get plenty of quality and value from stuff like this, so try to keep that in mind. Collaborative playlists This is an exclusive Spotify feature that works really well. The idea behind it is that it allows you to create new playlists with other people. You get to create an amazing playlist based on a genre and stuff like that. Some of these have hundreds of players. Which is the winner? Every platform has its ups and downs. But Spotify shines here. The lower quality interface and the lackluster radio may not be the best. But the audio quality is very good, you have lots of options, the recommendations are better and you can easily get some minor benefits like moving album arts, multiple quality options, etc. And depending on the country the overall price may be even smaller than expected too! But we do always recommend to use both services having a United States account, is the better way to have access to all the content available and even cheaper. Don’t forget you can also get an automatic delivery subscription on our site, so you will receive your gift card and pay for the service automatically without even care about purchasing them multiples times.   spotify the winner

When The Solution Is To Buy US iTunes Card Code Online

The US iTunes Store has the answer to many of our digital entertainment wants and needs. Because of the amount and variety of content it offers, it’s good to have your account sufficiently funded so you can go shopping whenever the fancy strikes. The easiest and most convenient way to beef up your US iTunes Store credit is to do so through online means. The thing about the US store is that Apple has put in measures to limit its use to US credit card owners. Fortunately, it’s possible to buy US iTunes card code online through a third party retailer such as MyGiftCardSupply. Even those with American credit cards sometimes prefer to simply buy US iTunes card code online for a variety of reasons. One of them is that many don’t want Apple to have access to their credit card information since the site is a favorite target among hackers. Always secure, always encrypted. In any case, buying iTunes card codes online is a quick way to fund your account. What are some of the scenarios that would require you to put credits in your account stat?
  • You need a medical device app – Do you need to take your blood pressure? You can turn your mobile device into a monitor through this app. With enough funds in your iTunes account, you can get a good app that reviewers report to be more accurate than the other options. On that note, there are actually other really great apps that are handy in an emergency.
  • You want to buy a specific American movie – Whether you’re watching by yourself or hosting movie night at your house, you can buy US movies using your US iTunes gift card. There’s no need to stream. The movie is yours for the viewing whenever you feel like it, even when there’s no Wi-Fi.
  • You want to support your favorite artist – This is especially nice for the indie ones like the singers you follow on YouTube. As soon as they release a performance on video, they usually announce that the audio is available on iTunes. If you’re an avid fan, then you know that you have to be among the first to own a copy.
  • You need correct information – Are you going to try an activity on a lark? There are birding apps, stargazing apps, mushrooming apps, etc. You can have the appropriate guide in a pinch.
  • You need to read a particular ebook right now – Whether it’s for work or for leisure, you can head on to iBooks and get your own copy of the ebook right away. This is even more convenient if you’re dealing with a much-awaited release.
Life has been a breeze with all these digital conveniences. Make sure you keep your iTunes account funded so you can go shopping anytime you want or need to. If this article has inspired you to want to secure your identity, or just have the fastest access to US gift cards from any website on the internet, please browse our selection below.

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Appreciate your teachers with ITunes Gift Cards Instant Email Delivery

Remember how children used to give their teachers an apple and a handmade card to show how much they appreciate them? Well those days are long gone and it’s time to STEP YOUR GAME UP! If you still want to show your appreciation to someone who imparts knowledge to you, how about giving a different kind of “apple?” See what we did there? How about giving them iTunes gift cards, which will allow them to purchase everything from music, to videos, to books, to apps that they can download to their iPad, iPhones or MacBooks! They will surely enjoy everything they’ll be able to access through these thoughtful presents because you give them the power to choose what they want. You can also make sure that they have access to the most abundant selection of iTunes products by purchasing US iTunes gift cards online. The US iTunes store is the most complete in the world; it has digital products that are not available anywhere else. These gift cards are not easily accessible (local Apple Stores in other countries don’t carry these gift cards), but there are authentic online vendors that offer these at attractive prices. iTunes with a heart Not only that, but they also offer iTunes gift cards instant email delivery. Therefore, after completing your payment online (for which, by the way, they provide careful instructions because the US iTunes store is not accessible to non-US customers), you can expect the products to be delivered to your chosen recipients right away. The email delivery service is a big advantage, especially if you really want to surprise your teacher. What’s even nicer about choosing this digital present is that it’s not something that other people can misinterpret; this simple token of appreciation can be given discreetly. It’s important to mention as well that it’s a present that can continue giving since the gift card user automatically becomes an Apple member. She can add funds to her account in the future and continue purchasing items from the online Apple Store. These cards are a great gift for demonstrating how much you appreciate the efforts of your teachers — these special human repositories of knowledge. For an affordable price, you can be certain that the gift will not only bring delight, but will also prove truly useful.

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Buy an ITunes Gift Card Online and Discover a Bounty of Great Things to Do

Do you have those days when you wake up in the morning and have this delicious sense of excitement for all the things that you can do — except you don’t really know what to do with the time you have? Here’s an easy solution: Buy an iTunes gift card online. With an iTunes gift card, you’ll have the power to purchase various forms of entertainment or time-busters from the US iTunes store, which is the mother lode of digital products created for and by Apple. You certainly won’t have trouble finding a bunch of things to do to make your day completely enjoyable. Among the things that you can purchase with your gift card are “personal development” products. You can choose from video files, books, audiobooks, and even apps that are designed to teach or help you learn a new skill.

Want to exercise?

There are popular workout videos that you can purchase from the store and some of them may even be on discount. You can enrich yourself in different ways right in the comfort of wherever you may be. The US iTunes store offers so many options

Feeling competitive?

There are also countless games you can buy with your iTunes gift card — everything from action games to sports, to puzzles, to board games and the like. You can play these on your iPhone, iPad and MacBook. If you’re a gaming aficionado, you will not be disappointed by the thousands of games you can select from.

Love taking pictures?

You can start a photo project by buying special camera apps from the Apple Apps Store. You can upload all the nice images to photo websites and social media sharing sites easily. Alternatively, you can print the pictures and create a traditional photo book that you can show off to family and friends. With the camera apps, you can crop, edit, organize and best of all, “cute-ify” pictures.

Love reading books?

You have easy access to iBooks because of your gift card and the library is filled with the latest literary works from popular authors. Also, if you don’t feel like straining your eyes or you want to multitask as you work through a mystery novel, there are audiobooks available. You can just play an audiobook and do chores, or knit yourself a scarf. Of course, you can make new music playlists and you can make the collection as eclectic as possible because the US iTunes stores has music that is not available anywhere else by shopping for iTunes gift cards online. So there you go — a multitude of things that you can do on “those days” – you just need to buy an iTunes gift card and completely avoid boredom.

Get The Content You Want With an iTunes Gift Card Via Email

Not all iTunes stores are created equal.

When it comes to the quality and availability of content, the US iTunes store is nearly incomparable. What exactly make the US iTunes store different from the other stores? The US iTunes store boasts of the largest collection of TV shows, movies, apps, music, podcasts and iBooks. The US iTunes store often gets first dibs on the latest content. In some cases, this content may be made available to other iTunes stores in other countries, but usually at a later time, if at all. Some TV shows, movies, apps and other content are available exclusively in the US iTunes store and you cannot purchase and download these if you do not have a US store account.

Aside from gaining access to exclusive content, another key advantage of opening a US iTunes store account is the price.

Unknown to many consumers, products made available in the US iTunes store are substantially cheaper compared to the same content available in the iTunes stores of other countries. In short, you end up paying more for the same content. HD versions of TV shows and movies are available in the US iTunes store, many of which are not available to residents outside of the United States. If you do find these in your country’s iTunes store, you will immediately notice a marked difference in quality. Perhaps the translation is not on point or the sound quality is poor. The shows and movies available on the US iTunes store are made available in their original form with very few modifications that undermine their quality. Unlock the Potential How do you access the content available in the US iTunes market if you live outside the United States? With apps and iBooks, some are available for free which you can download instantly simply by tweaking the settings of your account. But if you would like to buy content from the store, you will need two things: a US address and an acceptable payment platform. For the US address, you can either use your friend’s or relative’s address, if you have one living in the United States. Alternatively, you can use online tools that can provide you with a US address. As for the payment method, you need to be aware that the US iTunes store does not accept PayPal and international credit cards. How do you overcome this hurdle? Purchase an iTunes gift card from a reputable third party. After your purchase, you will receive the codes for your iTunes gift card via email and you can then use these to purchase the content you wish to buy from the American iTunes store.

Why It’s Convenient to Send iTunes Gift Card

Is there a special occasion coming up? Consider sending an iTunes gift card. It’s an incredibly convenient present to give. Now, you may cringe at the idea of a convenient present, but it’s the best kind of present to give, both for the giver and the recipient. Why must there be toiling and gnashing of teeth for a present to be meaningful? The convenience of sending an iTunes gift card only shows us that it makes a very smart present choice. The following are some very convincing reasons to send iTunes gift card for a present:

It is convenient for you to give.

  • You don’t have to go out and buy from a brick-and-mortar store. No matter your location, no matter the hour of the day, you just need to go to a trusted digital gift card dealer and make your purchase. They’ll take care of emailing a digitally scanned copy of the card to your recipient.
  • You don’t have to go and personally hand the present. You don’t even have to find an envelope, look up their snail mail address, scrounge for stamps, and walk to the mailbox.
  • You don’t have to agonize over what they’d like. The iTunes Store is a treasure trove of content that is sure to offer many things that your recipients will find appealing, no matter their taste.
  • You don’t have to worry about the propriety of the present. Casual, personal – it works every time.
  • You can be proud of giving a green present. A digital gift card sent via email makes no physical waste. Props to you for being conscious of the environment.
Buy your iTunes card online

It is convenient for them to receive.

  • They don’t need to hold on to an actual card. Losing or misplacing the present is not a concern.
  • They can redeem the code anytime they want to. As soon as the credit is added to their account, it is valid forever – or until they spend it. They can shop right away or hold off until later.
  • They don’t need to wait until they get together with you to get their present. Not that it wouldn’t be nice to see each other, but it’s good that they can get their present right away.
  • They don’t need to pretend to like and use your present; it’s certain that they will. There’s something for everybody at the iTunes Store.
  • They can enjoy a paperless, plastic-less present. They don’t have to worry about throwing anything out.
It’s clear that you can’t go wrong if you send iTunes gift card as a present.

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