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Amazon Shopper of the Week: Ishack Wilmot

June 12 amazon customer shopper

For the third weekend in June, we are featuring Ishack Wilmot from Jamaica! We sent over some questions to and wanted to know a bit about what he loves most about Amazon service and what how is he using our gift cards.

How old are you, and where are you located?

I am 35 years old and I live in Jamaica

How did you discover US Amazon?

When I was in college overseas I used to shop on Amazon a lot, it was just a very convenient way to

What is your favorite item that you have purchased from Amazon? Why?

Camera gear and editing software because I’m a photographer.

What other products have you purchased from Amazon? What are your favorite types of products to buy?

I buy lots of family-related Items as I am a husband and a father of three.

Are you an Amazon Prime Member? If so, what services do you use the most? Music? Video? Faster shipping?

I am not a prime member because I started to buy less once I moved and it was hard to
justify the yearly fee after that.

Why do you choose Amazon instead of local options or other websites?

Amazon has more options, better prices, great deals and it’s always open.

Are you using any additional services to ship your Amazon product to your country?

Yes, luckily I found an awesome company that ships here at really good rates.

What tips or tricks can you suggest to other shoppers to get the most out of Amazon, or your favorite way to get the most value from of Amazon?

Always check out the deals and take the time to look around, they have a lot.

How did you find MyGiftCardSupply, and what is your favorite thing about this service and get our Amazon gift cards?

Affordable rates, easy to use, always works, great customer service and makes a service that was once
hard to access now right at my fingertips.

When you are not shopping on Amazon or MyGiftCardSupply, what do you like to do for fun?

Spend time with the family and take photos

If you want to know more about this customer, you can follow him on his social media networks.
Instagram: @oneishackwilmot


Thank you Ishack for participating in MyGiftCardSupply’s PSN Gamer of the Week! 

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