Amazon Prime Day July 15th – How to Spot the Best Deals

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Amazon Prime Day is that time of the year where there’s a good chance you’re going to spend a lot of money on some amazing purchases. This year Amazon Prime Day is on July 15th and the great thing about it this year, is that it’s taking place for a full 48 hours. It starts on Monday July 15th and continues until the end of Tuesday, July 16th. As always, people from other countries (where you can make purchases on Amazon) have their own Amazon Prime Day to look forward too, so this will only be in the US.

Why buy during Amazon Prime Day?

The reason is simple, you can use Amazon cards and stock up now and then buy stuff at a much lower price. Shop Amazon Gift CardsOf course there are sales from time to time. But Amazon Prime Day, Christmas deals, and Black Friday are known for their great discounts.

Getting the best deals

A good site you might want to use is and other sites like it to give you price alerts. You can load up your Amazon account and wishlist, then they will notify you when the price of the products are reduced. The great thing is that they also have a browser extension, have historical pricing data, and so on. This is possibly one of the better tools you can use for Prime Day.

Check other sites too

Some other websites try to combat prime day as well. You’ll notice Target, Walmart, and Best Buy will bring in some deals around this time. If you’re only looking for Amazon deals, we really recommend that you check out tools like Camelcamelcamel as they are quite accurate and reliable. Create the wishlist you want and prepare beforehand. Then use this extension to see where and how you can spot some of the best prices. It really helps a lot to use this kind of stuff, but it will be a bit time-consuming to identify the right option, so use it as an advantage and it will be worth the effort.

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