Amazon Fire HD (2019) Review

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We always make sure to have our Amazon cards on hand when a new tablet comes in, and honestly, this one was rumored for quite some time. The Amazon Fire HD 2019 is an interesting tablet, especially when you consider the fact that it only costs around $149. It’s way cheaper than an iPad, but does it have what it takes in order to compete with Apple tablets?

Great specs for the price

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Amazon Fire HD is that it has some pretty good specs. The processor is 2.0 Ghz, so it’s pretty powerful. The battery life was also improved to offer around 20% more screen time. On top of that, the new model comes with up to 512 GB ofAmazon thumbnail expandable storage. So now you’ll have 200 GB total for the unit, which is more than ok. Another great addition to Amazon’s new tablet is Enhanced Wi-Fi. It’s basically a second antenna that you can use in order to obtain better signal even if you’re in Landscape or Portrait mode.

Should you upgrade from the 2017 Amazon Fire HD?

It’s important to note that the new specs aren’t exactly that impressive if you already have the previous model. The Amazon Fire HD 2017 still holds up, and there just isn’t too much that’s different with the new model.

You’ll also still have the main issue with most Amazon Fire HD tablets this time around too. And that’s the fact that these units just feel slow. They aren’t that great at fast browsing or multitasking. In fact, some tasks done alone take quite some time to load, let alone the length of time it takes for loading when multitasking.


Amazon is busy with lots of new creations currently. It’s currently spending billions to create its prime one day delivery services. But the Fire OS, which is basically a fork of Android is simply not up to par with the iOS. It’s ok for what it is, but that, combined with the specs that were just slightly improved, might mean purchasing something better would be the smarter way to go. However, if your budget for a tablet is $150 and you’re using most of Amazon’s services anyway, this one might be worth a try!

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