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This week, we are featuring Tim from Germany! We sent him some questions to learn a bit about what he loves most about Amazon, and how he’s using our Amazon cards.

How old are you, and where are you located? 

I’m 15 and from Germany 😉

Tell us something special or unique about where you live, or why you like it? 

I love that nearly everything is connected via rails and/or roads! 😀 If you want to go somewhere nearby, but it’s too far away to walk, you can just hop on the next bus or train and go there! 😉

What is your favorite item that you have purchased on Amazon, and why? Amazon Thumbnail

Season 6 and 7 of Steven Universe via the US Amazon, because I don’t like the German translation that much and over here, they’re all in a messed up order 🙂 I know it sounds like I’m a bit too old for that, but trust me… Even if you are 36, you will probably still love this show! 😉

Are you an Amazon Prime Member? If so, what services do you use the most? Music? Video? Faster Shipping? 

I am an Amazon Prime Member, but only in Germany (at least my sister is) and I really just use it for watching series and faster shipping. Amazon is now spending billions to create its one day delivery service.

Why do you choose Amazon instead of local options or other websites? 

Simply because some Series and/or translation don’t exist here in Germany. I really like buying electronics on Amazon too, because It’s sometimes cheaper than local stores.

Are you using any additional services to ship your Amazon products to your country? 

Yes a VPN. I don’t know if it’s necessary to watch series with it over Amazon, but I simply feel more safe with it. 😉

Do you have any tips or tricks to get the most value out of Amazon? 

Not really ‘;)

How did you find MyGiftCardSupply, and what is your favorite things about this service? 

I found it over a website called The first gift-card I bought was for Hulu 😉 The best thing about this service is that you can pay with PayPal from nearly all over the world! I tried some other gift-card sellers online before (to get the Hulu gift-card), but they would only let me pay with an American Bank Account or PayPal. The delivery is always pretty quick and I only had to wait once because they were out of stock (which nearly never happens 😉 )

What kinds of things do you like to do for fun? 

Retro-Gaming and recently binge watching 😉 I also like to hang out with friends and go out or watch movies etc.


Thank you Tim for participating in MyGiftCardSupply’s AmazonCustomer of the Week! 

All of Tim’s friends and family can use the coupon “TIM5OFF” to get 5% OFF on their next purchase on our site!

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