Amazon Customer of the Week – Deanna

Amazon Featured Customer of the Week

For the second week in February, we are featuring Deanna from Colorado! We sent her some questions to learn a bit about what she loves most about Amazon’s service and how she’s using our Amazon Gift Cards.

How old are you, and where are you located?

I’m 44 years old, and I live in Colorado.

Tell us something special or unique about where you live, or why you like it?

I live in a small town, and everyone is friendly here.

Are you an Amazon Prime Member?  If so, what services do you use the most. Music? Video? Faster shipping?

Yes, I use it all!  Music, Kindle, Video, and shipping.

Why do you choose Amazon instead of local options or other websites?

The ease of finding what I need and the quick shipping.  I don’t have to fight crowds at the store. The Amazon website is really easy to use whereas, other sites are confusing and have a lot of advertisements. (Also, if you happen to live outside of the country, take a look at Shopping on Amazon Outside of the US to get an idea of all the benefits of doing so.)

Are you using any additional services to ship your Amazon product to your country?

No, I don’t use any additional services.

Do you have any tips or tricks to get the most value out of Amazon?

The only tip I have is to get a Prime Membership.  It will save you money on shipping. We also discontinued cable and saved a ton of money by just using Prime Video.

How did you find MyGiftCardSupply, and what is your favorite thing about this service?

I found it by doing an online search for Amazon gift cards that I could pay with my PayPal account.

What kinds of things do you like to do for fun?

Anything outdoors, as long as it isn’t snowing or cold 🙂


Thank you Deanna for participating in MyGiftCardSupply’s Amazon Customer of the Week! 

All of Deanna’s friends and family can use the coupon “Deanna5OFF” to get 5% OFF on their next purchase on our site!


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