Get easy access to Hulu using a US iTunes Gift Card

Access Hulu with an iTunes Gift Card


How to create a US Hulu account with an iTunes Card


A lot of our customers are enjoying the multitude of benefits from using a US iTunes gift card from outside the United States. The secret is out that a US iTunes card is a great way to save money, and get quick, convenient access to music, movies, apps and more.

But a lot of people are making life harder than it needs to be. For instance, a lot of our customers are shopping US iTunes gift cards, as well as US Hulu gift cards, when they could easily kill two birds with one stone!

Enabling a Hulu account using a US iTunes gift card is extremely easy, and can be done literally in just a couple minutes!

Watch this video for a quick summary on how it can be done.

As you can see from the video, the entire process (with the exception of signing up for a VPN service and downloading the Hulu app) could be done in literally two minutes. This also allows you to use your extra iTunes balance on other fun things like music, apps, and newly released movies.

With a US Hulu account, you can access all your favorite TV shows and movies on all your favorite devices including your phone, tablet, Apple TV and just about anything else you can imagine. And with a frequently updated catalog of entertainment, you will never be bored.

Hulu has made things more interesting with Hulu Live TV this year. Now you can watch more than 50 live channels, which include ESPN, Bravo, Disney, A&E and many many more. We love using this feature to keep up to date on all the latest sporting events and live news events, instead of waiting for highlights to be uploaded to news blogs or YouTube.

Now, of course there is nothing wrong with doing this with a Hulu gift card, but we think it’s much easier to use a US iTunes card.

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