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Sony, the manufacturer of PlayStation Consoles, maintains different PlayStation Network (PSN) stores in different parts of the globe.

But when it comes to content (games, movies, TV shows), prices and special offers, you will see a wide variation among these stores. Furthermore, some titles may not be available in one store, or the same title may cost more or less in a different store.

Among all the PSN stores, the American store ranks as one of the best in terms of content availability, prices and special deals. But how do you access this PSN store if you live outside the United States?

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Setup a United States Playstation Account.

The first thing that you need to do is to set up your own US PSN account using your console or by logging on to the PSN website. Do take note that the account you create will be based on the country where you live. For residents outside the US, you can either use the address of your relatives living there or use online tools that provide you with a US address.

After creating your account, you will need to select the “New User” and “New to PSN? Create an Account” options before signing up. After that, choose US as your country before entering your birth date. Then, enter the US address you have obtained, follow the usual steps, and then verify your email address.

Adding funds to your US PSN Account for purchasing.

But how can you make payments on the US PSN store if you do not have a real US address which matches your PayPal account (if you have one) or if you want to keep your credit card information private?

The easiest solution here is to purchase a PSN gift card with email delivery from reputable retailers like MyGiftCardSupply. After making a purchase, the details of your gift card will be emailed to you in just a few minutes. If it is your first time to buy, it will take a little more time to process your order.

Redeeming your PSN Gift Card.

Upon receipt of your gift card details via email, you can now go to the PSN store and choose the Redeem Codes icon from the menu. Then, enter the gift card code and select Continue, and then Agree to the Terms of Service, and Continue again.

All your purchases are secured using a 256-bit SSL encryption and your payment information is not stored on the servers.

PSN gift cards are a quick, convenient and secure way to access the American PSN store. For quick access to a PlayStation gift card from the United States, browse our products below.

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